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Amber at SCORE

HEIGHT: 5’4”
WEIGHT: 125 lbs.
BORN: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
LIVES: Central Florida
Amber at SCORE
It’s always a good time for Amber Lynn Bach to show off her tits or fuck, whether she’s walking down Duval Street in Key West, Florida, wearing a tiny little sun dress or having sex on the ocean floor while SCUBA diving. And now, this popular Internet star (her private website is called is getting naked in the world’s greatest big-boob magazine. Welcome to the big show, Amber!
Amber is a MILF from Florida who loves everything about sex, whether it’s fucking on the ocean floor, getting tied up and cuntslammed or eating pussy. “It’s funny because as much sex as I have, I love to masturbate,” she said. “It’s fun when I’m in the shower or lying down at night, relaxing with my little silver bullet and holding it to my clit.”
“I started dancing in 2002 and found I enjoyed being around others and making them feel good,” Amber said. “Whether it was to get them hot and bothered or to just listen and be there as a friend, I had such a great time with it that I decided to start modeling.” Although Amber Lynn lists her occupation as “porn star,” she’s really the MILF-nextdoor. She enjoys relaxing on the beach and reading a book. She loves watching football (her favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles). She has a pet black Lab and some fish. “I’m just like any other woman,” Amber said. “I’m just hornier than most!”

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Amber at SCORE

Maid for sex

The idea of H-cup Texas housewife Diane Poppos as a French maid is absolutely mindboggling. Imagine a woman like this cleaning your house. You’d stay home to watch her. And we could watch Diane cleaning house–especially in this outfit–all day. In fact, we have witnessed Diane doing housework, and you can, too. In the video The Best of Diane, she vacuums while wearing absolutely nothing and even cooks breakfast in the nude. That video is shot in a candid style, as if you had just walked in on Diane at home. She’s wearing very little makeup and has her hair down. Diane’s looking far more glamorous in this pictorial, but she has always been a woman of many looks. For example, in the December, Diane wears a red wig and looks like a different woman. And in the Holiday, Diane takes us through her shower routine. When she visited SCORE recently, she was also shot wearing a blue wig and in a harem outfit. But with a super-stacked babe like Diane, the tits carry the day. There’s a good side and a bad side to everything, including having big, natural tits. For Diane, the good side is she looks spectacular naked or dressed and gets lots of attention from men. The bad side is her sports activities are limited (although she jumps rope, does jumping jacks and swims in Diane’s Exercise & Swimming Video). “When I was younger and going through my growth spurt, I tried to hide my breasts as much as possible,” she said. “But as I got older and realized some of the advantages of having large breasts, I started showing them off. I get a lot of things from guys. If I go anyplace, especially to a club, I never spend money. The men treat me very well. I wear very low-cut shirts, preferably without a bra, and short skirts because I have long legs. I don’t know if guys think I’m going to have sex with them.” They, like us, can only hope.

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maid for sex

Sweet cakes

You’re sitting on the beach during a beautiful winter day in South Florida when all of a sudden you hear someone shout, “Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” And you realize, “No, it’s a big-titted babe getting fucked while she’s skydiving.” Never happen, right? Well, probably not. But the point is that getting fucked by her skydiving instructor while she’s skydiving is newcomer Angie Sweet’s ultimate fantasy, and that’s a good thing to know about her. You should also know that this brunette titter once had sex under a bridge on a golfcourse while Rollerblading. Hmm…think she likes it outside? Angie isn’t super-stacked like some of the girls in this issue, but the fact is if you saw her walking down the street wearing one of her little skirts and tiny tank tops (with a push-up Victoria’s Secret bra underneath), your head would turn and you’d say to your buddy, “Look at the rack on that chick!” You’d be talking about her for days and thinking about her while jacking in the shower. Damn pliable nipples, no? And how about the way her rack sits on her chest in the above photo? Perfect for titfucking, we think. Well, you’ll be happy to know that the first time Angie had sex (outdoors, of course, while horseback riding), the lucky guy had the good sense to slip his meat between Angie’s flesh pillows. “I don’t know what it is about being outdoors,” Angie said. “I just get turned on. I don’t think it’s a fantasy about getting caught because I don’t want to get caught. I guess fresh air makes me horny.” Fresh air makes her horny, Angie makes us horny. Sounds like the perfect match.

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The next one

Linsey Dawn McKenzie… Lorna Morgan… Kerry Marie… Jessica Turner… Sammie Black… and the next great natural British big-titter is… 19-year-old Nicole Peters! Doesn’t the picture on the facing page guarantee her greatness right off the bat? And what is it about the Brits that they keep turning out these great naturals? Hey, don’t ask. Just look. Nicole, our second incredible teen discovery in as many months (Ines Cudna debuted in March), was discovered in a mindboggling way: another photog didn’t want her. See, this English chap shoots gothic models, and pretty Nicole isn’t goth at all. He also had no use for her big boobs, so he gave us a call. Yeah, we took her…with both hands! Right shy, Nicole is. She wouldn’t even take off her panties. Now, normally, that would be enough for us to send a model packing, but when a girl is sporting J-cup breasts, you take what you can get and hope she gets more risque later. And if she doesn’t, you thank God for her breasts. For those into measurements, her J-cups are the equivalent of Linsey’s HHcups. Although Nicole’s tits hang like Sammie’s, the mashing shot on the opposite page reminds us of a Linsey photo we published in Sept. ’02. Want to see more of Nicole?

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Nicole Peters

Brittany and the fucking machine

Brittany Love never has to worry about finding a guy to fuck. All she has to do is walk into any roomful of men and say, “I’m horny,” and she’ll have several volunteers. But what’s a girl to do when she doesn’t have the time? The fucking machine you see here was built by a friend of one of our photographers and gladly tested by Brittany, who fucked for real in the May ’00 Xtra and did Dawn Stone in the December ’02 blog. And how was it?“Just lovely,” Brittany reported after putting it through a thorough road test in which the track was her wet cunt. “It never got soft and it kept plugging away at me until I was satisfied.” Hmmm…is Brittany trying to send us guys some kind of cryptic message? “No,” she said. “And a machine can never beat a warm body. But this machine is better than any dildo.” On this page, Brittany demonstrates one of the advantages the fucking machine has over an ordinary dildo. “When I use my dildo,” Brittany said, “I don’t have a free hand to play with my breasts. But with this machine, I had both hands free so I could tug on my nipples and knead my titties. And, if I wanted, I could reach down and diddle my clit, too.” Also, a fucking machine doesn’t distinguish between holes, so Brittany enjoyed a deep asshole plugging. Great toy, no? The only thing we wish we could’ve seen was Brittany sucking a real cock while the fucking machine did its job. “That’d work for me,” Brittany said. “Any volunteers?”


Sometimes, it takes more than a cock to satisfy a big-titted babe. “I don’t like lovey-dovey sex,” Lovette told us when she was interviewed for the March ’02 blog of SCORE. “I get bored with the same thing. If a person had steak every day, they’d be bored with it after a week.” No boring sex for Lovette here. She gets cock in her mouth and pussy, but she also gets big dildos attached to power tools! Apparently, the guy our big-titted porn queen was fucking had been reading too many Popular Mechanics, so he rigged a dildo onto a power drill and started drilling around where there were already holes, namely Lovette’s pussy and asshole. “The feel of that dildo churning around in my holes was unreal,” Lovette said. “I mean, I can work a dildo pretty well, but when you attach it to a motor, it’s a whole new ballgame. My ass will never be the same.” “I couldn’t decide what I wanted more, his cock or the drill,” Lovette said after her drilling was over. “Every time he gave me one, I wanted the other. The only thing he didn’t give me was both at once.” Oh, well. A man has to be careful with his tools.


In Stacked & Packed #1, five naturally big-titted babes played with their huge melons and satisfied their pussies. Stacked & Packed #2 added on a babe as super Brit Susie Wilden made her video debut. In Stacked & Packed #3, Slovenian FFcupper Cassandra, who’s used to playing with real cocks on video, made a rare solo masturbation as she led an allstar cast of eight naturals. And now…Stacked & Packed #4, starring seven more big-titted naturals and several helping hands…man hands, which fondle their tits and help manipulate their fuck-toys. It stars recent new discoveries Annie Swanson, Jezhabelle, Jade, Busty Becky and C.J., along with veteran cunt pluggers Autumn-Jade and Denise Davies. You can order this X-rated masturbation session on DVD or video (same price for each) on page 79 of the main mag. Read all about it right here. CHAPTER ONE: ANNIE SWANSON Annie Swanson decided she wanted to be a SCORE girl when she found her boyfriend’s stash of mags. Now that she’s done a few photo and video sessions for us (like Bosom Buddies #5 with Autumn-Jade and her hardcore debut in Voluptuous Xtra #5, both available on page 98 of this blog), she gets off on getting herself off for SCORE guys more than ever. So what is she watching as she fingers herself in front of the boob tube? Lilith: Private Session, a selfservice snatchfest from our catalog. Beats Monday Night Football anytime. DDD-cup Annie is one of those spunky little chicks who looks so innocent but turns into a sex-toy when she’s in front of the camera. “Oooh, that’s so sexy,” she groans as her manicured fingers spread her wet, shaved pussy. Her hands get busy as she squirms with pleasure. Nipple play. Tit kneading. Fondling. Then Annie looks right at us. “I feel so good,” she says, shaking her tits so hard they slap the lens. Put your pecker up to the screen and splatter her with your goo as she kisses the camera. Ten minutes of lubricated boob-play follows. Annie has a titty-pump that sucks her puppies and hardens her nipples. She ravages herself with a dildo. “Wouldn’t you like to titty-fuck me?” she breathes, as she does exactly that with the dildo. Her cunt, spread all the way open, glows pink like a nuclear reactor during a meltdown. A dildo dig is next: Annie fucks herself to orgasm as her quim juice soaks the sofa. Time to jam it in from behind. You get a closeup of Annie’s pussy and a bunghole you could stick your tongue into for days. She can’t resist riding the pink prong. “Oh, fuck me, fuck me,” she moans as she straddles her plastic pal, and she screams as she cums this time. Exhausted, she looks at us again. “Thank you for watching me,” she says. Our pleasure, Annie. CHAPTER TWO: JEZHABELLE “They saw her and jacked,” screams the cover graphic of “Her Name Was Jezhabelle,” the big-tit web shoot on You will see her, and you will jack. This video shows off Jez (who made her debut in the December ‘02 SCORE) in you-da-man Dildocam action so real, you’ll think your torso is actually inside your TV set! “Ooh, it’s so nice and hard” is just what you want Jez to say as she wraps her hungry mouth and 36DD’s around an imitation trouser snake that’s attached–what’s this?!–to the cameraman’s crotch. Tough job, right? Well, you could say it’s your cock by proxy, because you’re going to feel that way. This entire sequence is shot in extreme closeup. No foo-foo artsy shit. No atmospheric lighting. Just Jezhabelle and you getting blown, titfucked and straddled. She looks at you with those big, brown eyes as she flicks, licks, teases and sucks your tubesteak. Round and round your dickhead she goes. Deepthroating now, she’s checking you out to make sure you’re happy. Get the boob lube and slap it all over her globes as they swing. “That makes me so horny,” Jezhabelle says. Us, too. Her four-inch areolae glisten with oils as she climbs onto your weiner. You can almost smell the sweet aroma of her bare snatch. This is as close to a video-fuck as you’ll ever get. “Hmm. Fuck me. Aah,” she says. Now that’s dialogue. Fucking Jezhabelle from behind is one of life’s special moments. We get the brown-eye from her while she takes the ersatz schlong deep. Her pussy and ass muscles contract in rhythm. She’s cumming. Slap her ass. She wants it. We get on top for the finale. “I want you to get inside of me,” she says. “I want you to fuck me.” The slick-snick sound of prick sliding in and out of her pussy is mixed with Jezhabelle saying, “Ohh, fuck me” and non-stop panting. Is she cumming again? “I’m coming, yessss!” she says. One more fuck. Jezhabelle shakes. The bed shakes. The camera shakes. You’ll shake. Come again. Jezhabelle’s happy. You’re happy. Next. CHAPTER THREE: JADE When SCORE’s senior gazonga guru Elliot James discovered Jade, we thought he’d lost it. The guy was raving like such a lunatic: “Natural Asian boobsters are rarer than hen’s teeth!“ he said. What the fuck are hen’s teeth? What makes Jade, who debuted in the February SCORE, particularly endearing, says Elliot, is “her sweet personality. She’s very shy.” Sweet we believe. Jade is reclining on a sofa in a red bustier and stockings, her DD-cup tits and pencil eraser nipples thrusting. “Hello, I’m Jade Feng,” she says, “and I’m showing my body. Do you like when I’m touching my titties?” We’d say the jury is out on “shy.” Playing with her always erect nipples seems to be a favorite pastime of Jade’s. Nothing wrong with that, especially when we get to watch. Jade gives us a 360-degree look at her proportions and settles in for some tit-driven masturbation. The camera fills the screen with Jade’s lotus-blossom pussy. The intensity and effectiveness of her nipple pulling is highlighted in a series of youda-man closeups and by a pair of willing hands that come in from offscreen to grab and massage her globes. True SCORE men know that some big-titted babes cum the minute you touch their titties. And we like it that way, don’t we? Jade says, “Keep touching,“ as she has one on-camera orgasm after another. This reviewer particularly enjoyed the thumb-and-forefinger rolling of the nipples that produced a stream of ecstasy from Jade. Squeeze. Roll. Rub. Tug. See Jade cum. Repeat. See Jade cum again. How about massaging and slapping her knockers together for a change of pace? Yessiree. And Jade cums again, jugs jiggling. And how about Jade’s favorite toy, her red dong, a giant dildo that looks like a gummy bear? She licks and sucks it, saliva dripping onto her boobs, cradles the dildo between her hooters and gives them the fucking they deserve. Next, Jade, totally nude, demonstrates the Chinese approach to dildoslamming. She takes the position: one knee up, shoulders back, dildo in. Is it Tai Chi? Is it Kung Fu? Is it Won Long Dong? Whatever you call it, it’s going to make Szechuan sauce shoot out of your banana. She finishes off with a polyethylene pony ride. End on extreme closeup of one very erect nipple. Take a deep breath. CHAPTER FOUR: BUSTY BECKY We admit we have a thing for busty chicks with long, black hair and a face that says, “I wanna suck your dick.” That’s January’s Busty Becky in spades. Her mango-shaped danglers respond enthusiastically to boobplay, and she ain’t afraid to tell us. “I love the way I do it, but I bet you can do it better,” she coos. “Come on. Don’t be shy. You know you want it.” Hoooeee! She dribbles the boob lube on her mams. “Maybe this will entice you,” she says. Once again, you’re in the driver ’s seat as Becky gets jiggly witcha. Shot from your point of view, you’re totally there as Becky invites you to do it to her. “I just love it when you play with my nipples,” she says. Hands come in from offscreen to engage in unrestricted boob contact in every variation you can imagine. Sliding, caressing, fondling, squeezing, fingering, tweaking and twiddling. You do it all, you see it all. Becky digs it. So get closer. She deep throats Mr. Cock. She takes the sausage between her fleshpillows. Wave ‘em, shake ‘em, slap ’em with your dick. Is this a gal you’d love to schtupp? Better believe it, pal. Becky is wet and lying back, ready for you to come on in. A black-haired babe with a bald beaver is guaranteed to get your noodle dancing. Slap her clit with your dick. Stick it in. Watch her blast off so hard she throws herself across the bed. This is the Real McCoy, baby. And you did it. “Thanks, baby,” Becky says. CHAPTER FIVE: AUTUMN-JADE Autumn-Jade brings her 34Is to the party. She delivers one of the all-time great lines of cinematic sex, “I love your fat penis,” then goes to work with her high-capacity mouth on our dildo-man, sucking and licking her boy’s lollipop with her trademark gusto. Mr. Cock gets a titty lashing real good. Autumn may be a SCORE superstar, but she’s still a country girl at heart who just loves dick. “Slap me in the face with it,” she says. Then she wraps her funbags around the lickin’ stick before taking it cowgirl style. Autumn just can’t get enough fucking. After she cums, her legs and ass are wide open begging for more. Her tight pussy and cornhole love to get teased by cock, and that’s exactly what she gets. Nothing fancy. Just down-home big ol’ fat penis. That’s Autumn-Jade. CHAPTER SIX: DENISE DAVIES Boob-men appreciate the bonus footage we pull from our vaults to present in our multi-girl collections. Voluptuous superstar Denise Davies has never before done an outdoor solo masturbation scene. This English country garden setting spotlights footage of Denise’s massive mams and giant areolae being licked as only she can. Denise is a big girl, and every curve is shown off as she takes off her sundress and caresses her flawless porcelain skin. One luscious closeup follows another as Denise sucks on her JJ-cup puppies. This girl really knows how to masturbate. Watch carefully. Learn something. CHAPTER SEVEN: C.J. C.J. is one coy honey. Her fans have been pulling their peckers since her debut pictorial in the September ’02 SCORE, hoping she’d go totally nude on video. This is her first and only video, an impressive debut, no less, and we jacked off a whole lot while screening it for this collection. But we’re not greedy. Check it out. C.J. does a slow strip tease, removing her ripped plaid workshirt and Gstring, teasing us all the way. She fondles and massages her 34E naturals, wiggles her little butt, uses a vibrator on her areolae and spreads boob lube all over her rack. C.J.’s sleek shape, knockout breasts and shaved twat will have you whacking over and over again. No, she doesn’t get too explicit. That dildo never enters the hallowed insides of her pussy. But with a girl like C.J., it’s all about the tits. Which is all we really need.


No more little dicks for the German babe. She deserved a good fucking. When Julia Miles made her boy-girl XXX debut in the March ’02 blog, we pointed out that the guy filling her mouth, pussy and ass with cock wasn’t exactly filling it all the way. “To say this guy isn’t hung like Sean Michaels is the understatement of the year,” we wrote, but what were we to do? For her hardcore debut, Julia had insisted she be allowed to pick her cocksman. And, quite obviously, you guys didn’t mind, because you made SCORE Xtra #5, in which the scene appears, our best-selling SCORE Xtra video ever. But for her XXX encore, Julia let us pick the dick, and we came up with a big one: nine-inch Lee, one of the hardest working porn studs in Europe, and to say he put Julia through a much-needed workout is another understatement. Lee drilled Julia’s pussy every which way. “His big cock stretched my pussy wider than it has ever been stretched.” Julia was grateful for the big nine-inch meat-pole we gave her. Her moans filled the studio and the look of lust on her face made our photographer wonder, “Does she realize we’re recording this on film?” So impressive was Julia’s performance that we decided to build an entire DVD around it. It’s called Ultimate Julia Miles (she’s the sixth model to get the Ultimate treatment; can you name the other five?), and it features the boy-girl you’re seeing here, Julia’s girl-girl with Hannah Callow and Julia by herself, all in high-resolution DVD. Yep, you can count the individual sperm as they coat Julia’s face and chest. Ultimate Linsey, Ultimate Autumn, Ultimate Susie Wilden, Ultimate Dawn Stone and Ultimate Chloe are the other Ultimate videos, which places Julia in fine company and puts her on her way to achieving her goal of becoming Europe’s best big-tit model. Nine inches up her keister might get her there.

Polish princess

The girl you’re looking at busted out on the Internet last year and has been a web sensation ever since. It’s easy to see why. With her beautiful face, sweet looks and spectacular 40-26-36 body and 34EE-cup breasts, Polish teenager Ines (yep, she’s only 18) is every man’s fantasy. She sure was our fantasy. We tried for months to convince Ines to make her worldwide magazine debut in SCORE, and she finally agreed. Worth the wait, no? Ines is a high school student. She owns as many as 25 bras at a time. Oh, and we almost forgot… she’s a virgin. “I’m still young and I’m saving myself for the right man,” Ines said in halting English. “But I am looking forward to my first time.” Amazing. This body is untouched by male hands, which means one of two things: either Ines is one of the most innocent women on earth or all men are gentlemen. We know the latter isn’t true. “Men always try to pick me up,” she said, “but I try to be a nice girl.” How innocent is Ines? Well, she refused to pose explicity for this pictorial and at first even balked at the idea of showing her pubic hair. “My naked breasts are not enough?” she asked. Sure they are, but you know how men are. We always want to see more. Still, the photo on the facing page is a thing of beauty. Perhaps you’re thinking the same thing we thought when we first saw Ines: AutumnJade. The similarities are striking. The pretty, innocent faces. The full, heavy, malleable floppers with pale areolae. The flaring waistlines. The hourglass figures. “I started developing when I was 13 and it seems I have never stopped,” Ines said. “A lot of my friends are busty, too.” Great. Send ’em our way. But, until then, we’ll have to content ourselves with Ines’ double debuts this month in SCORE and Voluptuous. In V-Mag, on-sale January 21, Ines gets nice and oily in a layout in which she shines. But, then again, she can’t help herself.

Colt Rides again

Still at the head of the big-boob pack. She was last seen destroying a sweater in a spread in the January ’02 blog, and her return is one of this month’s highlights. We love when Colt 45 rides back into boobtown. “Colt 45 made me so horny, Itook out my own rubber penis and inserted it in my pussy.” That’s what a female reader wrote after viewing Colt’s pictorial in the January ’02 blog. Colt started out wearing a thin, pink sweater that would’ve been too big for most women but was stretched to the max by her HHHcup breasts, then stripped down to almost nothing and plugged her pussy with a giant dildo. The photo on the final page of that spread, which shows Colt lying on her back and cradling her whoppers while the dildo stuffs her pussy hands-free, was one of the hottest shots we published in 2002, one of the hottest shots of Colt’s prodigious career. Colt would’ve been the covergirl of that blog if Linsey Dawn McKenzie hadn’t been making her XXX boy-girl debut. Colt was the covergirl for the UK edition (which doesn’t contain the Xtra section). Amazing: Eight years after her debut, Colt still has what it takes to sell magazines. No dildo this time, just clear views of Colt’s pretty cunt and her world-class hooters. The 1990s were a great time for mega-boobed babes, and Colt was at the head of the pack, setting the pace with her platinum blonde looks and blockbuster body. “I love that men still want to look at me,” she said. “If you had told me in 1994 that I would still be modeling in 2003, I wouldn’t have believed it.” Believe it, Colt. You’re one of the greats.